Gainesville Coins Company Gold Review

Investing in gold is something worth contemplating about especially during these hard times when the economy is in a struggling condition.  Uncertainty and fear about the future lurk in the minds of many people at present given the recent troubling events which manifest the instability of the world’s financial market.

As a result, buying gold becomes a trend today because of its universal value – something which separates it from the fiat currencies we have.  According to financial experts, it is highly recommended to allocate 5 – 15% of your funds to investing in precious metals investments.

And if you are one of those interested to have your own gold investment, there are plenty of companies available which can readily assist you in making the right decision. People who ask where to buy gold need not to look further anymore because these companies provide all the information needed on their website. And one which might be worth checking is Gainesville Coins.

Gainesville Coins Background

Gainesville Coins is a company established for the dealership of precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver and palladium. The firm is based in Lutz, Florida and prides itself with a wide, diverse range of products – from bullion products, numismatic coins to modern collectibles.

The company is a member of various organizations which also engages in precious metals, coinage and collectibles industry like the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). In addition to this, Gainesville Coins also joined a network of coin dealers such as the Coin Net and American Numismatic Association.

Gainesville Coin’s Products and Offerings

One of the competitive edge Gainesville Coins has over its competitors is the wide array of products it offers. It is like an online supermarket of precious metals in physical form that precious metal aficionados and enthusiasts will surely love.

For its products, the company is selling bullion products, coins and also collectibles. For every type, a prospective buyer can choose the kind of precious metal to purchase – ranging from copper, gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The site provides information regarding each type and form of product they have in their inventory. It also engages in the distribution of various kinds of mints such as the Royal Mint of Britain, Perth Mint and also the New Zealand Mint.

As for their services, Gainesville Coins provides assistance to their potential clients who want to set up their own precious metal IRAs with products being sold with low premiums and at affordable, competitive prices. Furthermore, the company recognizes that the physical properties of gold and its worth are far too valuable that it necessitates the need for a safe and secure storage like vaults.

Gainesville Coins doesn’t only sell coins, it also allows people to sell gold and silver coins with no minimum required quantity. A special feature called Portfolio can also serve as a tracker of their clients’ investments, performance and allocation statistics.

What’s Good about Gainesville Coins

As already mentioned in the preceding section, it is definitely undeniable that this company has one of the largest product collections in precious metals dealership. It is a one-stop shop. One can already buy various types of precious metals and already check which type of protective vault or storage to get. You also have the option of selling your precious metals without the worry of reaching a required minimum amount or number of such.

Awards and reviews are also good indicatives of a company’s performance. Gainesville Coins has been awarded by the National Inflation Association (NIA) a 5 star rating as well as the “Best Bullion Award” in 2010 based on a specific set of standards such as pricing, shipping, processing, customer experience and over-all customer satisfaction. It also sports an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau

What’s Not So Great about the Company

In comparison to other gold and precious metals company websites , Gainesville Coin’s website seems to have a lot of going on its features. This may be due to the fact that it tries to show to all of its clients what it has to offer .However, this strategy seems to backfire as it tends to bombast the potential clients of so many information. For a beginner, this can be a lot to take in and thus, can discourage them from checking out the site.

In addition to this, it was reported by the Better Business Bureau that Gainesville Coins faced a total of 32 complaints for the past 3 years. And out of the 32, only 6 complaints were closed in the last twelve months.


Accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2006, Gainesville Coins can be a good company to deal with if you are into physical gold, silver and other forms of precious metal. Their wide range of products and services provide a lot of options to you and your family. However, the number of complaints the company has been receiving for the past few years is quite alarming and it pays to check those before deciding to buy anything from the company.

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