Guidant Financial Group


It is a financial investment that focuses in innovative small business financing. Guidant Financial’s goal is to help a number of people succeed in small business. The company specializes in 401(k) rollovers with a primary focus on helping small entrepreneurs through financing and as a financial firm.

Since the company specializes in converting 401K then this is a company for you if you’re looking for one. They are highly recommended although their focus is on entrepreneurship. The question, whether or not they can be trusted with the money that you had worked so hard on comes into mind because a mind-set of a financial adviser that will grow your investment is different from one that is focus on entrepreneurship.

Guidant Financial Positive Review

The company has an A+ rating with the BBB or Better Business Bureau and is also accredited. This means that they highly met the standards of BBB. However, this should not be the only that you would consider in choosing a company for your investment because  accreditation to BBB is done through filling out and submission of paperwork and payment even though BBB is a reputable consumer advocacy agency and one of the oldest watchdog groups.

Guidant Financial Negative Review

Guidant FinancialRipoff Report is consumer based advocacy website is less biased because unsatisfied customers can directly voice out their opinions and what they’ve experienced without worrying of filters from an agent of intermediatary. Upon checking Ripoff, there is a man complaining about the Guidant Financial Group. According to the man, he told Guidant not to process his billing yet and the company agreed to it by holding off his payment for the mean time. But the company still charged his card for $5,000 when they were not supposed to. Guidant Financial just gave the man the runaround and a few inconsistencies for an excuse. The good thing about this is that the company responded to the complaint.

Upon checking BBB also, there were 8 complaints closed within the last 3 years, 2 that were closed in the last 12 months under the company. The issues were mostly product and services related.

There was also a lady complaining about the company in Yelp. According to her the company’s customer service is sub-par, rude interactions on the phone, their review process is not great, they had to re-file due to the company’s mistake, their sales team is pushy, and she was overall unimpressed with her client experience.

There is no question if the company is legit or not because if it is then why is still in business? So it is legit and highly recommended as a financial firm according to some watchdog sources. Given that they have criticisms on their ack of products and services, unpleasant customer service as well as billing concerns. Although it can also be seen as they value their client’s satisfaction because they are very active in answering complaints in BBB.

There are positive and negative reviews about Guidant Financial Group when considering them as a choice for an investment because there are some who have less negative reviews than they are.

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