It has been confirmed. Utah is the very first state to make the bold move of enacting a statute law which legalizes gold and silver as forms of valid currency. The report  also shows that in addition to Idaho, there are also several states which consider passing a similar law that makes these particular precious metals as currency such as Idaho and North Carolina.  This only proves that fiat currency is already paving towards its impending doom.

In this company gold review of Monex, we will see if the company can be your savior in protecting your assets against this tumbling and faltering economy of ours.

Monex Products and Services

Based in Newport Beach, California, Monex Precious Metals engages in the buying and selling of various kinds of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The company sells them in forms of coin in ingot form or bullion.  An account representative can assist their prospective clients in deciding the benefits of each and every product that Monex offers. Among them are the gold and silver Philharmonics, American Buffalos and Canadian Maple Leafs.

One of the main highlights that can be found in Monex’s website is its “live pricing” feature. This can be great in assisting prospective buyers in their decisions to buy precious metals as investment but of course, it is still very crucial that these so-called live prices are better than or at least equal to that in the Market.

Unfortunately, MONEX doesn’t offer services related Gold IRAs.

Clients Reviews About Monex

Customer reviews or feedback plays a vital role in evaluating a company performance. No matter how beautiful and engaging is the company’s claim about itself, the only way to ascertain it is through the opinion or comments of people who have first-hand experience with the company.

Here are some positive reviews regarding Monex:

Dan Wales has always been neutral and (never) pushy or misleading. My recommendation to those unhappy investors is pay more attention to your sales reps and stand up to the plate, take your forfeitures and move on… I highly recommend Monex to anyone who is thinking of buying bullion or coins. I tried leaving a review on the BBB website and they told me they did away with that feature” – Jeff H.

“My first dealing with monex. i can say they were easy to work with. the shipment came in as described. i had trouble tracking the packages via usps, and had to call them to get shipping info, but the people were very friendly and helpful. i would do business with them again and recommend them to others. thanks.” – George H.

“Monex has executed every order I have submitted with accuracy and timeliness and never have they tried to force or scam me into something that I didn’t want. Monex operates no differently than Merrill Lynch vis-a-vis the stock market, who I also have an account with. Neither Monex nor Merrill Lynch are responsible for loses suffered by clients based upon their own order decisions. I have and will continue to recommend Monex Credit Company to others interested in precious metal investing. This company has been in business for 43 years. Any firm lasting that long has to have strong business integrity and professionalism. The rating for this company should be an A+”. – Alan B.

There are also a great number of people who have had complaints regarding their transactions with Monex.

“This is the worst company I have ever come into contact with. I personally lost over 50g in a few short weeks with the help of Mr. David **. They are blatantly deceptive in their sales and marketing practices.” – Mike, Illinois

“My brother & I invested in gold with Monex. Mr K promised to make us “A lot of money” if we invested with them. After a few years of ups & downs, the market recovered so we decided to sell only to find that our investments were reduced by brokers fees & interest. I understand there were charges for transactions & storage fees for storing our gold with them. MY complaint is, they didn’t disclose these charges until we went to collect then were told, “well, you knew you could lose your investment.” We each lost more than half of our investments and seek restitution”. – Jerry, Huntington Beach




BBB Rating: A+

 Out of 5 complaints, only 2 complaints were closed in last 12 months.


Yelp Rating: 3/5 stars


Trustlink: 4/5 stars


Should You or Should You Not Deal With Monex?

Monex has been in the industry for quite a very long time. Hwever, it can be discouraging especially when a client finds out about the great number of complaints regarding the company and also the lawsuit against it filed by the Security and Exchange Commissions. People should weigh down the risks and decide if Monex can be trusted with their money or not.