CMI Gold & Silver Company Review

Throughout the ages, gold has been a symbol of wealth and nobility.  Its intrinsic value has never been diminished and even, up to now, it is still being widely used not only for practical, commercial and industrial purposes but also as a form of a status symbol in society.  In addition to this, it has also been proven that gold can be effectively used as a hedge against inflation and in diversifying your portfolio.

According to Forbes, it is about time to invest in gold because, in comparison to other forms of investments which require economic activity in order to get going, gold can be driven up by other factors aside from the economy and one of this is politics. Given the inverse proportionality of gold and stocks or bonds, instability in politics may drive the value of gold up.

Another company which can be of assistance to you is CMI Gold & Silver. Read our CMI gold and Silver review and ask yourself if this is a company you could trust with your future investments.

CMI Gold & Silver Company Gold Background

In our CMI Gold and Silver review, we look at the history of the company and note it is a company established in a state which is known to be US’ largest producer of copper and also one of the leading supplier of silver-Phoenix,Arizona. It is currently spearheaded by Bill Haynes who has been working with the company since it started in 1973.

The firm’s roots can be traced back to the time even before Americans were again granted the right to own gold in 1974. In fact, CMI Gold & Silver, Inc. prides itself to be one of the very first dealers in the US to sell two premium precious metals – gold and silver.

CMI Gold & Silver Products and ServicesGold Ira Rollover

Just basing on the company name itself, the business engages in the trading, selling and buying of physical gold and silver products. They can be in the form of bullions, bars and coins depending on the choice of preference of their clients. Moreover, CMI Gold & Silver, Inc. also offer services to people who want to do IRA rollovers. But does our CMI Gold and Silver Review give you the confidence to do a Gold Ira Rollover with them.

It is already highly convenient to gain access to the company’s products and services because despite the fact that the main office of the firm is located in Arizona, its transactions are open to all states across the US.

What’s Good About CMI Gold & Silver

One of the best things worth noting about CMI Gold & Silver, Inc. is that it has been one of the oldest companies which have been dealing gold and silver in the nation. And it is already been an established principle that in an industry, the only companies which were able to stay and stand the test of time are those which are trusted by customers and clients. This only signifies that for more than three decades, the company is a household name when it comes to selling and buying gold and silver.

CMI Gold & Silver, Inc. also has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau since its accreditation in 1999 with 0 recorded complaints in the said site – something which is not so common with other companies which deal gold.

What’s Not So Great About CMI Gold & Silver

One of the main problems the company has is its website. The site can be commended for the comprehensive information it provides to its clients pertaining to the business and its operations as well as the products and services they have. It is also very interesting to see extra features such as puzzles. However, this is not the very core of a business.

Most people at present do their transactions on the Internet.  Unfortunately, the company site doesn’t have a special, built-in e-commerce function where the clients can already purchase products there and then. They have to take the extra effort of calling and talking to the firm’s advisers merely to determine the prices of the products being sold.

Another issue is their scaled fees. This can be a downside to their company as there are already competitors which offer fixed or flat fees which are not as problematic as scaled fees because they tend to cost you 2x to 40x that of flat fees


CMI Gold & Silver Inc. can be a good company to invest in since it has already an established reputation as a gold and silver dealer. However, given the number of decades it has under its belt, it is a bit startling to see that customer reviews and online presence are not yet that strong. Compared to other companies, the products and services off CMI Gold & Silver, Inc. are pretty limited which can potentially inhibit the choice of customers.


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