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Gold Ira Retirement PlanThese are uncertain financial times. Major currencies are being devalued. Many traditional investments are becoming less secure as well as losing value. Many people are looking for safer investments. The answer lies in adding gold to portfolios to replace paper assets that are backed by devaluing dollars.Heres why.
Gold was the international standard of currency until 1971. Governments and financial institutions were able to convert their currency into gold which had a fixed price of $35.00/ounce. Simply stated, this meant that currency was backed by gold which guaranteed its worth. Thats because gold has an intrinsic value while dollars not backed by gold or silver do not. When then President Richard Nixon discontinued gold-backed dollars in 1971, all that safety went away. Gold has gone from $35.00/ounce to $1,392.80/ ounce as of March 16, 2011 and in 2014 onwards it is set to climb dramatically. At the same time, the U.S. dollar has become progressively lower in value and especially so since 2008. Most people now prepare for their retirement by rolling over their current IRA to a Gold Ira Investment Account.

Reason 1: Theres Only So Much Gold

Gold is a finite resource. Theres only so much of it available and demand will continue to exceed the available supply. Gold is rare and it is in demand for electronics, jewelry, investments and more. And while it is traded openly on global commodities exchanges, the limited supply makes it different from commodities like pork bellies, rice or sugar.

Reason 2: Gold Doesn’t Depreciate Like Currency

Most people have their investments in dollars or in stocks and bonds that are valued in dollars. Therefore, if dollars have less buying power, these investments likewise have less actual value. The hard fact is that dollars devaluate as government debt increases. Gold is not so affected.
Reason 3: Currencies Are Not Equal; Gold is Recognized Universally
While the U.S. dollar is accepted in most parts of the world, it is not always equal in value to other currencies. Gold, on the other hand, has the same market value everywhere.

Reason 4: Gold is Safer. It is likely to Retain its Value No Matter What

Gold has always been one of the most expensive commodities. In fact, it has never returned to its gold standard market price of over $35 and has climbed to $1200 /ounce even in the face of catastrophic occurrences, it is set to continue it’s climb. It is very-much in demand the world over. This makes it perfect to rollover your paper assets or 40k or roth ira into a 401k Gold Ira Rollover plan.

Reason 5: Gold Has Continued to Reach Higher Record Prices

Other commodities have fluctuated widely in price or stayed nearly unchanged. Gold price, however, has risen annually by more than 17% since 2004. Many analysts believe this trend will continue. Citigroup, for example, says gold prices may reach $3,700/ounce by 2016.
The Choice for Investors is Clear

Gold 401K Rollover

For these reasons and many others, gold is the ideal choice for todays investors who seek greater safety through portfolio diversification and higher long-term potential appreciation. Many investors have been converting their traditional and Roth IRAs into gold IRA accounts through companies such as Regal Assets who specialize in rolling over paper assets into gold. Why not contact them for your free Gold Investment Kit and start your Gold 401k Rollover.
Gold Ira Rollover