The Price of Gold Per Ounce is at an all time High – Invest In Gold Now

price of gold per ounceI am absolutely amazed at the resurrection of what seems to be ‘Gold Fever‘ and it is amazing to see the price of gold per ounce is well over a thousand dollars and shows no sign of changing very much and may even continue to grow. Many years ago, one would consider that you should invest your money into property for the future. However that advice has certainly fallen short when you consider that our economy is so different now and property is not the sure bet it was so long ago. So what do savvy investors prefer now, especially with uncertainty in the economy and no pensions or plans that are safe from the economic down turn. The answer of course may surprise you as many Investors are wisely Investing in Gold and Buying Gold as a strong nest egg for the future.

Gold Fever is as prevalent as ever it was!

You only have to turn to the media and see the amount of interest there is in Gold, gold investments and gold mining, which has existed since man started to dig thousands of years ago. It is on our tv channels and shows like Gold Rush and Alaska Gold Diggers have helped to fuel the desire for this precious metal and the worlds economy has been driven in such a way that gold has become the new sure bet for the future, that is why you should invest in gold now.

Is the Fed All Talk and No Action are they fueling the Price of Gold.

Perhaps one of the reasons is the fluctuation in the Federal Reserve rate of interest, and despite the fact that they acknowledged that inflationary expectations were increasing. People are beginning to worry that the Fed could be behind the curve. Expectations for a rate hike have decreased with the Federal Reserve stating that they think inflation was most likely to moderate in the future in the year. So inflation is one of the reasons why gold is going crazy and the price of an ounce of gold is so high in todays climate.

Oil is Moving and in a state of constant change which is pushing precious metals up.

An additional reason for the surge in gold today was oil prices. Problems in the middle east cause oil costs to rise over $200 a barrel, and perhaps even as high as $600 a barrel, no one really knows! So with all the issues and instability in the middle east, it is pushing the cost of oil up and down at all time record highs.

Gold will continually increase and now is the best time to invest in gold for the future.

Gold is normally acquired to secure against the loss of purchasing power. The Federal Reserve seems to be suggesting that they are more worried with protecting the growth of the weak UNITED STATE economy and that inflation is the lower of the two evils.
The best way to battle inflation is through greater rate of interest. Other main banks appear to be taking the rise in inflation a lot more seriously. The value of the dollar has actually fallen substantially given that the Fed began strongly cutting rate of interest in. If the dollar continues to fluctuate and drop and shows no sign of stability, this will drive investors out of bonds and equities and into either hard assets or foreign properties such as gold bullion and silver bullion.


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