If you are like the majority of US residents who carry around cards, you will possess more than one. Many Americans eschew moderation in favor of maximization, by using many different cards as a way to benefit from the free offers and bonuses that they offer. It is sometimes necessary to have many, in a bid to avoid the paper work and clear off everyday expenses. Some people choose to use up the bonuses and cancel the card before it becomes a problem. Mastering the management of multiple cards, for some, can be a huge step towards a disastrous credit score, while for others, it is a juggling act that they have become all too familiar with.

This is all good and well, but for many of us, the onus of repaying the bills are ours. Finding ways to effectively repay your credit card debts can result in an increased limit and increased FICO scores, which will benefit you in the long run. Avoiding the penalties and late charges can also prevent the problems that are associated with such defaults. By keeping a log of all the cards, you are able to see exactly what is due and when, so you can repay them in advance. Try keeping the balances at a minimum, so it is more manageable in the short term.

Keeping the balances down can also enable you to get your limit increased if you so desire and leave you open to new offers. Money is sometimes tight, so doing this can alleviate any stress when money is an issue. You can also employ the use of technology by trying to find an app that lets you stay on top of your payments, by initiating payments when they fall due, or setting up a standing order with your bank. You can either download the app on all of your devices, or check them regularly to stay on top of your payments if you are too busy to remember.

Making an effort to repay this debt is extremely important, as long as your credit card debt is being repaid, you are in good standing and are eligible for offers. If you refrain from carrying a balance and try at all cost to pay on time, it should not be a problem. Managing your credit cards and the debts that are incurred does not require an organized person. People forget things, that’s what they do, but having a reminder constantly for a few days before it is due should do the trick. The important thing to remember when using a credit card, is being responsible and not avoiding usage.

If you charge regularly, keep out of debt and respect the due dates, then your FICO score will be impressive. Three of the qualities of successful credit card management are discipline while you spend, being organized and a great credit score. With these three traits, you can not only manage your credit cards, but apply for as many as you wish and get approved to successfully reap the benefits that the card companies offer.